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5 Reasons Anticipation is Building for Indiantown’s Terra Lago

Posted on: December 21, 2023

A new neighborhood has become a game-changer for the Village of Indiantown. Located in western Martin County just east of Lake Okeechobee, Terra Lago isn’t your typical new neighborhood. Rather, it’s a mosaic of solutions addressing the needs and aspirations of the region. From tackling the area’s attainable housing challenges to nurturing the community’s friendly nature, Terra Lago aims to pave a brighter future for folks looking for a new neighborhood in an established community – all at an attainable price!

1. Attainable Housing Opportunities

It’s no secret that attainable housing has become hard to find. Couple that with the benefits of a solid community with a rich history and the search grows even harder. Enter Terra Lago, the newest neighborhood soon to grace The Village of Indiantown. A rapidly evolving community of businesses, Indiantown is experiencing a new wave of growth to the city and with that comes the need for housing. Terra Lago would answer that call. Offering an array of housing styles, the neighborhood will bring in townhomes starting in the $200’s with prices in the $300’s for its single-family homes.

Those starting out will be able to realize the dream of owning their first home. Growing families could easily upgrade within the community, while empty nesters will find opportunities to downsize without having to leave the place they call home. With a focus on natural preservation, the community’s single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments will effortlessly infuse Florida’s outdoor living into everyday life.

Kevin Powers, co-founder of Indiantown Realty Corporation and Indiantown native, acknowledges that Terra Lago could offer solutions to the region’s attainable housing needs. He added, “The housing crisis is real here. My kids have wonderful jobs but are struggling to find a place to live. Terra Lago is going to change that dynamic. It’s about having choices and having inventory, which is a direct need for folks from Indiantown.”

2. The Garcia Commitment

As the visionaries behind Terra Lago, The Garcia Companies uphold a legacy of bringing sustainable, vibrant communities to life. For over 60 years, founder Edward “Eddie” S. Garcia’s vision and leadership fueled The Garcia Companies. His tireless efforts and dedication to integrity evolved the company from a small electrical contractor into a dynamic development firm creating sustainable businesses that give back to the community. To this day, The Garcia Companies continues his legacy, with a foundation built on the trust of the people they impact. Terra Lago embodies their dedication to creating lasting, thriving communities.

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“The legacy of the Garcia Companies has been to build communities that we can offer to the average everyday worker – first responders, nurses, teachers, kids that are starting families,” shared Joshua Kellam, president of The Garcia Companies. “We thrive on helping communities build and grow in the right way. We didn’t want to come in and change the face of Indiantown. We wanted to come in and see how we could complement what’s been taking place here for generations. What we came up with was Terra Lago.”

3. Educating the Next Generation

Terra Lago, however, isn’t the only new addition to the neighborhood. In August 2022, the opening of a new public charter high school provided a local educational option for children living in Indiantown. Operated by Indian River State College, Indiantown High School focuses on college preparedness with a focus on career and workforce education. Students can start earning dual enrollment college credits and industry certifications as early as their freshman year, with programs in medical science and technology, construction, agriculture sciences, mechanics, and more.

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Martin County School Board Chair and lifetime Indiantown resident, Marsha Powers, recalls her closest option for school was South Fork High, a 45-minute bus ride one way. “We are so excited about the opportunities that are here now that didn’t exist when we were younger,” shared Powers. “With Terra Lago, families can actually move here. They can live here, work here, raise a family here, and now educate their children here. It’s really a game changer for the entire community.”

4. A Place for Businesses to Thrive

Indiantown is currently experiencing a significant economic surge driven by the introduction of new business centers, bringing extensive job opportunities to those who would live in Terra Lago. The approval and construction of new marinas, office spaces and warehouses, alongside additional projects in the pre-application and review stages, hint at a promising wave of employment opportunities on the horizon. The community’s thriving entrepreneurial spirit, fostered by the welcoming nature of its residents, has also made it an attractive destination for local entrepreneurs aiming to expand their businesses.

As president of Leighton Farms, a small plant nursery and gardening store in Indiantown, Stephen Leighton looks forward to how these new additions will help the community thrive. “Indiantown is on a trajectory to be the beacon of Martin County,” shared Leighton. “There are new developments, manufacturing industries, the school, and now new housing opportunities on the horizon. Terra Lago provides that opportunity and quality of life that has never been afforded to anybody here. That is, without question, what is going to put Indiantown on the map.”

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5. Connecting the Indiantown Community

Terra Lago’s vision extends beyond its residents, aiming to be a gathering point for the entire Indiantown community. The design emphasizes inclusive spaces where locals can come together, interact, and enjoy what the hometown has to offer. Expansive green areas will offer room for children to play or families to picnic while embracing the Florida sunshine. A bustling downtown space, featuring local businesses, a grocery store, office space, and medical facilities, consolidates essential services into one central, accessible location. Whether for entertainment or life’s necessities, Terra Lago strives to ensure it’s all easily accessible.

“It motivates me to think about all the different families that are going to be residing in Terra Lago,” shared Kellam. “The excitement that I can see on kids’ faces as they’re running around in the open spaces or throwing a fishing line into the community’s ponds. The fact families could come to the town center to shop, eat, or even work in the offices that may be built. They’ll all be able to do something that very few people have been able to do – come back to Indiantown and call it home.”

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